3646QCA Action Research Studio
Assessment 2 Hurdle Assessment​​​​​​​
Project Brief

My project is a 2d animation, that shows and inspires people 
to change their perspective on smaller living. 
The target audience is 20 to 40’s, all people who desire a positive change in their life.

Ultimately, changing people’s perspective on smaller living, not only in a space, 
that is we really do need for satisfied living. 
It all begins from how to live with less and small. It is vital that people take the steps to adapt and find the benefits of converting for smaller living. 
That is why the animation is related to minimalist life.


The aim of the animation is to raise awareness of the importance, and the positive impact of smaller living (minimalist, less consuming), 
to convey the real value of the life, to educate a sense of accomplishment in daily life and seek true happiness rather than having money or possessions,
 and to inspire hope within people to gain an opportunity to improve their quality of life.​​​​​​​
Project Plan

"A Smaller Living With Not So Smaller Mind"

Part 1 : ‘What is smaller living?’
Part 2 : ‘How the general public view wealth, possessions and perspective.’
Part 3 : ‘How can we implement smaller living into our daily lives?’ 
Part 4 : ‘Benefits from practicing smaller living.’

Weekly progress
Week 5
Brainstorm / Benchmark / Research 
Week 6
Script / Storyboard
Week 7
Concept Art / Interview
Week 8
Detailed illustration / Animation scenes

Part 1 What is smaller living?
Part 3 How can we implement smaller living into our daily lives?