I was given a collection of short essays for educational purposes to design book covers,
page typography layouts, type setting, and preparing artwork.
I have determined a body text typeface, and 4 display typefaces as well as a suitable point size, leading size, and column width measure. I selected the size of 6 x 9 in, 15 x 23cm of the trad book format with soft cover to make the book easy to carry out.
I wanted to add illustrations to give the viewer typographic elements with a colourful palette because my target audience is a design student but at the same time, learning English as a second language; therefore, the layout of the book I wanted to show is clean and legible naturally but has fun and interesting visual to keep the interest as it is for the design student. 
I chose typeface 'Martel' for the Body typeface because It has a large x-height which leads the typeface  balanced well and legible and also the space between letters, kerning and tracking, the space between word is well balanced to be legible.
For the display typeface, I want to match the mood of each chapter as my target audience is not a native English speaker so that the reader can feel each chapter from the title before reading.