Hanglish is a typeface which represents Korea. It is inspired from figure of Hangul's geometrical figures. Hanglish is named after a combination of Hangul and English. 
Design Intent​​​​​​​
My design intent for the typeface is inspired by Korean alphabets, Hangul and to show them in English alphabets. Hangul is a letter used in the writing of modern Korean. Hangul is a phonetic alphabet consisting of 14 basic consonants and 10 basic vowels, and can be combined to create new letters between consonants and consonants, vowels and vowels.

Therefore, Hanglish is shown as two geometric figures are combined as Hangule does. 

It is a Humanist Sans Serif Typeface and shows modernness with soft curve. There is small decorative flourishe on the end of the top of a stroke because it can show the historical feelings of Korea and brings about the Korean sense of sculture. 
1. Benchmarks for different exist Korean typefaces.
2. I sketched 'HOP' in different variations which were inspired by Korean typefaces. However, after I made them digitally, it looked like just European alphabets so i decided to redesign again.
3. I chose one Korean typeface and then did benchamarks again to find other similar Korean typefaces.
4. I combined Korean alphabets to make English alphabets and then based on them, I sketched few different variations.
4. After sketching, made few different 'HOP' and 'handgloves' on illustrator. I decided to do lowercase only. 

For the last touching, changed the stroke on the end of the top softer, and made some of the strokes thinner and thicker.

Final lowercase typeface