Final presentation board after discussion
After critique discussion at the tutorial, I decided the presentation board 2 to my final. I changed the fonts and some position of the images. I put the floor-plan image to be right bottom of the title to make the whole board fit balanced. I also changed the position of the logo and made it smaller than before because the presentation board should be focused, not the logo.
Presentation board before discussion
Presentation board 1
Presentation board 2
This week we are asked to create a presentation board, communicating the interior environment within a space on the QCA campus. It could be either the Gold Coast or South Bank campus. It must include project title, student name, project description, a floor plan, images of the rooms and facilities and one 'hero' image within the layout.

Work In Process
I made three layouts with different image positions first and then put some colour, and changed the fonts and position of the images. I tried to see the whole board to make sure all the images' position is fit with each other.
For the logo, the floor-plan gave me inspiration and then I decided to draw the pencil to show the art campus. At first, so I designed one heart as a floor-plan and then I put the pencil inside of it. However, I felt it is not fit with the board so I changed to make it smaller but the pencil is still same size and made the stroke thicker. Then I tried to see it with the board but it looked still not fit with it so I changed to put the pencil outside of the heart.
Final logo