Final three presentation boards
Presentation board 1
Presentation board 2
Presentation board 3
David Harris and Paul Bardini have designed a mixed media interactive artwork designed for public installation and the concept needs to be presented on one A2 Landscape display panel.
Work In Process
First of all, I created layouts for 3 different boards with the grids and boxes.
And then I checked whole poster's layout without grid to see how it looks like if I export them.
For the logo, I tried to sketch some ideas based on how I feel about caelorum. I was thinking of sky, clouds, and architectures as it is a public installation.
First, I created a round shape with sky and oceans but I wanted to make the logo simple so I created other design such as a building is standing in the square. I added some stars to show the sky and changed the square to circle to make the logo more feeling sky.